How Add game API?


For app monetization I have taken a game API from Gamezop.
I want to Integrate that API In my app but I don’t know how?
If it’s possible can you pls help me here’s the API information :

Hello @Strange,
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I don’t think so it’s possible till now, but wait for others reply

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Possibilities are endless :wink:
Make sure you have seen docs

actually I wasn’t having time, and made only estimate, that’s why I said that wait for others replies

do you have publisher id ?

Yes, but still I don’t know how to implement API games

i am also newbie in api
but i learned little bit from

I have also integrated gamezop in my application through api,according to different categories and current blocks are according to my project but it will help you to solve your problem.
gamezop_test.aia (1.2 MB)

I am using recycle view in my original project, if you wish to add similar design I can share you the schema

Hi @ammar_shakir I have checked your aia and that’s excatly I’d like to do in my app. If your don’t mind can your pls share your main project Schema that would be a great help to me.

gamezop_card_design.txt (2.8 KB)
I have used Gelion fonts make sure add them in your project

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