Home theater remote app

Home theater remote app made on Niotron
This Intex Remote is a Home Theatre Remote For Intex Home Theater 3in1 Remote.
Application features:
• Clean ui With Material Icons.
• You Can install And USE No Need to Download
• All Features of Remote.
• Work in this Models IT-4650 FM, IT-4850 FM, IT-4650 ELEGANT.

Main Features:
You Can Create Shortcut Floating Window.
Switch Light Theme to Dark Theme.

Credit Thanks to All extension developer of use in this project and Niotron to build my project.

Tested on Redmi note 4
Android Version 7
And deferant Version and Screen size may vary.

Main ir Extension find on

Additional hardware Components Required to receive ir remote code extraction

  1. Arduino
  2. Ir Reciver Sensor
  3. Remote of any you have want to extract code
  4. Computer or mobile to load ir Reciever Software.

Screen Shot :point_down:

App Link play store link

last things :sleepy: This project is lost becouse it’s old niotron and old niotron is down can i get my old project.

And I am Happy ti Create My new Project this is Coming Soon…

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Wow @TechHamara this is super awesome

we are really sorry for this loss but we will surely start the old niotron so that you and others can get back there projects

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thanks for reply @Jinx

I’m very curious how did you connect remotely?
By bluetooth?

Pd: I have already seen that the connection is via usb, as I understand from the app.

And excellent app & project! I like the interface

By the way it doesn’t show the same as in the pictures, it seems that the components move from their position (not all but the bottom controls), besides being hung at times and sometimes close.

Device: Redmi 7A - Android 12


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Does this make sense?
What do you think

Of course, why not?
What is not clear, how does he make the remote connection?

Have you never used Arduino modules?
He doesn’t detail how the app connects to the device or if they need an external plug-in, etc.

What do you see wrong with my question?


Did i said your questions is wrong?

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I am waiting from almost 3 months for my old projects. :joy:

@I_Am_The_Bong @TechHamara
Message Abhijit Sir to get your projects back