Hitech Browser

Hello Guys,
i developed a browser its name is hitech browser.I want to share my browser with you.I hope it will help you for fast and safe browsing:

                 HITECH  BROWSER

1.Incongnito mode
2.Full screen mode
3.Night mode
4.View source code mode
5.Desktop mode etc…

From here you can download hitech browser:https://galaxy.store/hitech



Nice UI :purple_heart: Keep it up :+1:

Thanks Avijit

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Great work @ADVANCE_DEVELOPER :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:,
Keep it up!!!

Nice work @ADVANCE_DEVELOPER keep it up :+1::v:

thank you aditya

thank you horizon

guys install my app

Is this app based in the aia of another open source app?
Because it is very similar…

And if this is the case I think it would be nice if you give credit to the original creator who shared his aia for free, asking nothing more than credit for his work.