Help: Video Player get value on Recycle view click

Hello, I have been trying to call video player to get value from my airtable database on cardview click but all efforts prove to be abortive.

This is my home screen

These are my blocks

This is my database

Someone should offer me a helping hand please. Thank you for your usual support

What is the card click view’s response?

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I want the clicked cardview to load a video

share a demo aia

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Here is the demo aia
Recyclleme.aia (534.3 KB)

Thank you for your usual support

Get index or position of components is not possible in recycler view it possible in dynamic card view i am using dynamic for get index.

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@Firoj_Multane unfortunately I don’t know how to use dynamic cardview component… If you can help me, I would be very grateful

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@Saifullahi_Mannir try this aia sorry for a late reply
Recyclleme.aia (535.5 KB)

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@iaditya_nanda wow! Thank you so much, it works fine

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