Help to sort-Filter in Airtable

Hi Developers.
In my cuurent project, i wanna add some functions which is get data from Airtable.

See Below Sheet for Example.

I Want only Ticket Numbers which bought by Mobile = 999.
is it possible? if yes then pls tell me solution.

This is the WORST community I ever found in my life.
almost 2 hour completed and no one even reply single answer…


This is fantastic — not doing anything on your own and relying entirely on others for assistance.

What degree do you have, and you don’t know how to ask a question? Have you done any masters in software development? I think you haven’t

You’re posing a ridiculous query. Because this is the simplest task and you have received no responses, you are implying that this community is the worst.

We don’t say anything, so you’re all taking advantage of it.

And one more thing, “Do your work yourself first and then expect help from others.”

And no one forces you to be here