Help Me Unable To Publish App Update

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What should i do now :frowning:

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We are aware of this issue, we will release a patch regarding the same.


can you please tell me what is the issue of behind this problem ? ( This is Niotron issue ? )

While the staff correct the problem, you probably can edit the manifest.xml file and remove the duplicated keys. I can’t help much because I don’t know how they work so I can’t say what you could remove or not

Same with me i think i should learn Java For Android studio

Can I have your APK for a checkup in APK Editor Studio?



apk -
Tallwin_Life(8).apk (8.0 MB)

Thanks For Help bro

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i want to update app because now added some major feature and i have good audience.


Thanks But i don’t understand anything :smiling_face_with_tear:

when will we got patch for this problem ?

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This is a extension issue, remove this extension Firebase - Cloud Messaging Extension or ask extension developer to fix it…


where is firebase cloud messaging extension ?

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Hey Thanks Man Finally after 5 days i am able to update my app thank you so much buddy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

you made my day bro if want any help in future i will try to help you for sure :star_struck:

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