Help me to Convert kodular aia to niotron

I have just started to use niotron before I use kodular.
And my project was on kodular I want to import them to niotron.
My project is important for me.
I am ready to share my kodular aia with you.
If anyone help me I will be very thankful to him.

When i try to import kodular aia to niotron it import successfully but when I try to open it it doesn’t open even after wait for 5 minutes.
Need your help.

And read the entire thread.


I am unable to do it. Just started to build app on MIT App inventor. Can you please help me.
I will be very thankful to you.

Post a list of all components used.

You use a number of incompatible components.
The question is, in the end, isn’t it faster (easier) to create the app from scratch with Niotron?

Is there any way to solve this problem like delete screen etc.

As I said, remove all incompatible blocks.

These incompatible blocks seems to be on all screens.