Help me, companion error is not going

I did every possible things.

  1. clear browser Cached & clear all data of companion.
  2. Reload builder.
  3. Hard reset companion connection.
  4. Solve every warning and error in block part.

I was working normally, companion get disconnect when i reconnect it showing this error,
i thod it can be because of warning and error, so i solve it , still not working. what can i do more.

I cant say its a bug or some thing else.

your path is wrong

tell me what are you trying to do ?

I have not import any thing in my assets. just 3 png file. its companion falt.

So i also try different things and try to solve if its error from companion, it should be solve by doing different things.
So i open another simple project, then again goto my project, the again i open my old project which was giving error look its solve. Because its companion error.

But error or what to say bug its not solve. I know i will face it again.

is this project made by you ?

Yes ofcoz , i import it from my old niotron. Its not project fault, if its project fault then how its solve, by not making any change in project.
Yes its temporary solve for now.

can you share the blocks images of the screen which is showing this error ?

There is no error in block part not even a warning.
Its showing ttf file not found, same issue was in another project also, but it was a good project i upload that project in playstore also.

can you share aia ?

Its in different project also, should i share all my project.

Nope do one thing make a new account on builder and try importing of your aia and then check if the problem still persists

I have check already, i think i should try with different mobile.

I also disable all the block, still the same when i refresh.

Nope now @Souvik can help