Help Listview with Image support

Please suggest to me a listview component or extension that supports image and subcategories for Niotron and actually works, Note: i am using custom listview extension but Niotron companion crushes anytime i try to test. Please suggest to me a working listview component with image support. thank you

Use Niotron Default Recycler View Component …it’s Better Then Any List view extension and Also Easy To use.

thank you for the suggestion but i have checked it out, doesn’t apply for what i am trying to achieve, below is an image on what i am trying to do in niotron but haven’t gotten any suitable means to;

this was done using another platform.
if there is a way to do this in Niotron pleases suggest help with a possible TUT. would also be good if the said suggested component supports HTML format. Thank you

Is this suitable for what you’re trying to achieve?