Help: I want to show a specific airtable row data on listview

Good day all, please I need your help on how can I filter my airtable data based on a specific text.

Example, I want each user to access only data that has his email, so I use if the text contains user email, listview get list. Unfortunately it still shows all the data.

Here are the blocks

Here is the screenshot

The red circled text is label29 text, the yellow circled is the specific data I want to display…

Thank you all

I believe you are using the if condition to filter the data for only the user.
Instead of using downcase Lable29.Text use get global email instead in the text field. You can keep the piece field the same.

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Thank you bro, I use it but the resullt is stilll the same

In text use select list item index block
In piece use that email whose data you want to show.

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Thank you very Mr. Killer I really appreciate the helping hand you offered me

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