[Guide] Use Tapjoy survey in your app easily!

Hello guys Avijit Das here, And today I am showing
how you can use Tapjoy survey in your project within few minutes.
So let’s start

Step 1 :

Copy your app SDK key from Tapjoy Dashboard

Step 2 :

Connect SDK in your project.

Step 3 :

Load survey placement after SDK connection.

Step 4 :

Store placement view to show survey.

Step 5 :

Show loaded survey.

Step 6 :

Call method to get earned coins from survey.


Step 7 :

Check earned coins from survey.

Note : Here clock time = 10

Step 8 :

Store/Show data in a database/label.

Note :

Please don’t add any extra blocks. If you do, you will get an error.


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Again A Helpful Guide

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Awesome :+1: @anon61431939



please add some screenshots or attach a aia file

great work

What was the variable of the name declared??

I get Runtime Error - Java.lang String cannot be cast to com.tapjoy.TJPlacement

Can anyone show blocks how passes the placement object from the event instead or passing placement id.

Will be highly appreciated