[Guide] Share multiple extension in one file!

Hello guys Avijit Das here, And today I am showing
how you can share multiple extension in one file.
So let’s start

Preview :


Step 1 :

Rename your all created extension file name to .zip

Example : I am going to merge two extension in one file

  • abc1.aixabc1.zip
  • abc2.aixabc2.zip

Step 2 :

Create a blank zip file.

Example : myExtension.zip

Step 3 :

Open your extension zip file. After open you will see your extension package name folder

Step 4 :

Copy this folder and paste it in myExtension.zip file.

Note : Do this for all extension.

Step 5 :

Rename myExtension.zip file to myExtension.aix

Step 6 :

Click on this “:heartbeat:” button.



Awesome guide :+1:


Fine, but what might be the purpose? :woman_shrugging:

@Anke, This guide for this type paid extension who’s have 2 extension.

  • Main extension.
  • Licence extension.

Ok, but sorry I don’t get it. How should it be shared? Where’s the benefit?

Paid extensions mostly contain two extension one is main extension and other is license without that licence the extension won’t work and in this way piracy of paid extensions can be prevented and using this both license and main extension can be imported in just one aix file together


Ahh, I’ve never created a paid extension and haven’t faced this problem before. But shouldn’t that also be explained in the topic? At least for a clueless old lady like me. :wink:


This sounds interesting…

Could you provide another guide for extension developers and explain more in detail, how that additional license extension is working, so extension developers could more easily protect their work?



? @Avijit or Me

I think it would be welcome by any of you (or whoever).

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@Avijit Do it :smile:

I don’t know.

We don’t know either. :wink:
So just do it.