Google Translator

Add Google translator is not working today

Hello @Masum_RcR,
Welcome to Niotron community.

Please post your blocks and discribe your problem.

You can see the text is not visible after translate we will show the text is lebel 1 but the test is not visible

Please post your video again.

Please help me I will publish my application

Google Translator still not working

Hello mam,
Its a bug. Niotron team working on it.

Hey all, i have been making a translator, but i am facing some issues, Please help me out…

When i use the app, it sometimes translates but sometimes doesn’t, What’s the problem and how can i fix it?

Block images

Ok :innocent: I hope you can fix it fast


See also here:

Thank you for helping its working

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Google translate component sometimes translates text but sometimes doesn’t translate it, please solve this bug as i am going to publish my app…

But we have already google translate in niotron?