Google Translate Source Language

Hy, according to the Google translation component, does this component only detect languages in auto mode? I mean, can’t we make our choices in it?

It will automatically detect the language, you don’t have to explicitly set it.

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good to know, thanks,

i think this would be much better if we also can set the languages as we need.

:grin: I still didn’t get why you want to set the source language, as if you want to translate English to Hindi. You’ll definitely pass en as source language. Now as the converter script it self detects the source language then why you want to define that by your self…

yes, automatic is fine, but I think in more accurate language detection, we need to decide what language we use. We all know if several words in different countries are similar, which makes Google translate a little confused.

so, by adding language settings option, we can help google to explain the language we use

FYI, it is against Google’s ToS to use the Google Translate API to make a translator app

Not necessarily it has to be used making a translation app. Maybe someone want to use it for app translation?

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Correct, I just said it incase the OP wanted to make a translation app.