Give review on, Is in app update working for every one?

As per Niotron there is no bug and working fine, so i am taking a review is it working for every one.
As i test for 10 days and more it was not working for me and i never saw a popup for update in my app update in Playstore.

Please give a genuine review if its working for you.

(and i discuss it with CEO of Niotron after that i post it)

I agree, some components and block are not working

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@MJ_BUNNY_T.V You can give try to my extension as I also need a tester :sweat_smile: here please use this and tell me if this works
InAppReview.aix (425.3 KB)

Is this inappupdate extension , use to update app in playstore.
i thing you are giving off tropic comment.

Isn’t your app in playstore ?

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yes its in playstore , and i update it many time.

Screenshot 2021-08-08 214329
Screenshot 2021-08-08 214135 - Copy
Is this wrong

I always update or upload in aab file, is it becouse of that ???

I am Sorry