Give me some guide idea

Hello guys give me some guide idea.

Change Niotron Store Appearance

Niotron should have more guides on components & other basic stuff.
Most of users coming to Niotron are from other builders. You guys can have better retention rate if user does not have to go back to old community to get help.

  • Install referrer component

Almost all common components were discussed intensively and extensively in the original (AI2). There you will find many very good guides and instructions. I also published some of my guides here at Niotron. But is it really asking too much to look it up in the AI2 forum? I do not think so.

In terms of video tutorials, PixiiBomb’s guides are unmatched:

Searching on Kodular makes no sense (currently) as there are so many bugs there that it only leads to confusion.

However, it makes sense to create guides for the Niotron-specific components, at least if they are not self-explanatory. So make your suggestions here.

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Create a setup guide for the Firebase Cloud Messaging component
That will be useful for all of us

All the guide/Docs which are empty should be editable by moderators, so many people can fill empty info.