Getting a Runtime Error


I am opening another screen with a start value when Screen 2 is open It shows this error. Kindly check the screenshot and help me.


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Are you sure start value is being sent to the other screen? Seems like a issue in the blocks

Yes, I have checked it. Actually, I am not getting any value on Screen2.

I am using this block for sending the start value.

My Screen2 doesn’t have any block but still, I see this run time error.

Kindly let me know if any other information is need for help.


Can you post your blocks image

I don’t have any block in Screen2 and No block in Screen1. Screen1 has only some designing components like Cardview, Labels, etc. I am only using the above block to open Screen2 and change the text value on Screen2 from Screen1 using the start value.

I have these components on Screen2 but no block. Is there any compatibility issues within these components?