Future of Niotron

Dear Team,

I am using Niotron and definitely love it but there are some issues that make me worry and rethink once before creating any project.

As you guys made the niotron free week that still not ended, it might sound good for some users that it is free but for me, it is something to worry. We all know that you definitely get huge bills for running and maintaining the servers. I don’t know till how long you will manage to keep it running.

What makes me worry the most is that if Niotron shuts down or something like that, I think users are ready to pay including me but just don’t want the niotron to stop or face any issues in future.

Also, I have not seen any activity from niotron team since long.

Thanks In Advance.


Well, I’m also worried about the future of niotron. The fact that it’s free can be worrying, I agree with that. However, sometimes I think it’s a good strategy to attract more new users. If I’m not mistaken, it’s free because the old payment system was buggy, and they’re creating a new one. Anyway, it would be fair to pay something.

By the way, You may be interested in reading this post:

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Ya, that relieves me somewhat. I hope for a bright future of Niotron with active participation of all.

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Hello everyone,

We had made niotron free to use for a week but later keep extending it, as we are still working on some major bugs fixes and some required changes ( related to package, sdk, stability & browser load etc).

Also there is no intention of attracting more users to our platform by keeping it free for all. As these users ( who join just because it is free to use for now ) are not loyal to one platform. And nor we have bitcoin mining going on, to keep niotron free to use forever. :joy:

Soon the update will be released & payment gateways will be live.


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