Full Guide: Phone Number Sign In

Hello! Niotron Users,
Today I’m going to share a guide to use Firebase Auth ( Phone Number Sign In ).
This is my first guide:

Use This on Screen Initialize

Use This When User try to Sign in with phone number, Where Textbox1 Contain Phone Number.

After Verification Code send store Verification ID in any Variable

Use this on User try to verify Code

After Sign In success or Error occur

Note: You need to insert SHA1 key in firebase app to work this Properly.

Video Guide


Good Guide, you have made it up to the mark, maybe you can add the properties section to the guide as well, how to enter the details and all

Thanks for contributing


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Nice Guide @Tricky_Lab_X
I was trying from 3 days to make Phone number sign in in my app but now using your guide I can make it now!

Thanks for this awesome guide! :grinning:

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Not working for me :frowning_face:

Do i get your apk file to test

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Thank you, Actually i was making video on that? but Due to certain problem i am unable to upload it. Then i thought to kame guide. Even this guide lake certain things i.e. Firebase core component, SHA1 key Tutorial And Video tutorial.

Wait I am making video on that topic

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See in post i have updated with video

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Can you add firebase settings too.

I have added video tutorial to make easy to understand

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Not working for own mobile number verification. But SMS sent on others mobile number from my mobile and working properly.

all process are working fine… but now many blocks are changed…

@Tricky_Lab_X it’s a year now, you should have replied him at that time, now there’s no reason to open it again,
No issues, but please keep things in mind later on

Thank You