Frequently shutting down

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For the time being we recommend you to use Firefox or other browsers. We’re working on resolving the crashing issues with Chrome

I’ve no issues with Chrome (or Firefox).

Only sometimes when I’m working on (very) large projects. Then I have to reload (refresh) the browser occasionally.

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it’s not browser issue, this error showing for ram issue… check your project size…

Your device not able to handle this project.

Check now : CTRL + Shift + Esc

You can separate your original project into different aia’s
For instance if your aia has 20 Screens, you can make 4 aias with 5 screens each and work like this.
Once you are done, all you have to do is copy-paste into the main project and done.

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Thanks it’s working on firefox.

The Builder currently uses too much ram as per our standards. We would like to make it as lightweight as possible to support most of the devices.

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I think I don’t have any bottleneck on my computers / notebooks with RAM (at least 16GB).

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