[Free] Rapid Api Extension

The extension is simple and easy to understand, so I am providing example blocks.
For Get method :-

For Post method :- use make directory method for posting data.

For Setting additional header :-

If you leave it empty. it use default value content-type : application/json

Special Thanks:
@Akshat @Xoma @vknow360
Thank you for helping while building this extension.

aix file :-
SatwikRapidApi.aix (475.5 KB)

If you encounter any error feel free for get help here.
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@Satwik Nice extension but can you please provide a text documentation of this extension or a tutorial video of how to use this?


Thank you :hugs:, I will provide it as soon as possible.

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this bhlock is now updated for Json Object Json data not in array means not cotain any index {[]}then it works with Json Object {}.

With @Horizon suggestion extension is updated.
Here are new blocks. Note ( working is same but above block updated in this version.)

Updated Aix
Version 3:-
RapidApi.aix (475.8 KB)

Tutorial Video’s :-

A beautiful work @Satwik :fire:
But I would recommend not to use developer’s name in extensions name, instead you can involve it in package.

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Thank You for your suggestion @Horizon :smiling_face: I updated the extension.

Nice work @Satwik

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Good work​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face: