[FREE] PickColor Extension

PickColor Extension

Introducing the PickColor Extension, a versatile tool designed to enhance your Android applications’ painting capabilities within the Niotron. This extension empowers you to configure and manipulate Canvas components for creative and interactive painting experiences.

Note: Before using the extension, make sure to set up your Canvas component within MIT App Inventor for a seamless painting experience.


With the PickColor Extension, you can:

  • Set the Canvas Component: Configure the Canvas component used for painting.

  • Choose RGB Colors: Display a 5x20 color matrix picker dialog to select colors within a specified range and return the chosen color.

  • Zoom and Pan Canvas: Zoom in, zoom out, and pan the drawing canvas for more precise control and navigation.

  • Color Selection Event: Trigger an event when a color is selected from the color picker.


The PickColor Extension provides a range of blocks to enhance your painting applications. Here are some key blocks:


You can download the PickColor Extension AIX file here (Version 1.0):
io.pickColor.aix (18.9 KB).

Your support is greatly appreciated. If you find this extension valuable and wish to contribute to its development, you can make a donation here.

Example Project

Explore the capabilities of the PickColor Extension by downloading the example AIA file:
ArtPainterNiotron.aia (25.4 KB).

For questions or assistance, you can reach out on Telegram.

Note: Please help us financially to continue developing free extensions… Donate here!

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