[FREE] 🎨 Font Typeface - Set The Font Typeface Property For Your Components Dynamically!

:computer: Introduction

A non-visible extension that sets a visible component’s font dynamically. You can choose between Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace or Default.

:package: Package name: com.gordonlu.fonttypeface.aix

:clock1: Version: 1

:date: Release date: 2022-03-11T02:00:00Z

:ticket: Supported components

Here is a list of all supported components. This extension does not (yet) support material components.

  • User Interface: Button, Check Box, Date Picker, Label, List Picker, Switch, Text Box, Time Picker.

  • Media: Image Picker.

  • Social: Contact Picker, Email Picker Phone Number Picker

:open_book: Documentation



Sets the font typeface of the component, including whether to bold, italicize, and the font of the TextBox. Use the blocks in the properties of this extension for the font parameter. If useCurrentFont is true, the font parameter will be ignored.

Parameters: component = component, bold = boolean, italic = boolean, font = text, useCurrentFont = boolean

There are 4 property blocks to define the font parameter.


:inbox_tray: Downloads

com.gordonlu.fonttypeface.aix (6.9 KB)

:bookmark: Why this extension?

Currently in all App Inventor distributions, although we can set the FontTypeface of a component in the Designer, we cannot do this in blocks. Also, although Niotron has CustomFontTypeface in blocks, it does not have the normal Typeface. This exension is used to fill this gaphole.

:lock: Open Source

Made with Niotron IDE.

Kindly :email: PM me if you have any questions! Also, if you like my extension, please :heart: like it! It takes some effort for me to make it…

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If you have any features that you want to add and you know the code, PM me or directly reply below using the image button.

Gordon Lu

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Fantastic work @Gordon_Lu!

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is this extension support custom ttf.

There are already property blocks for TTF fonts. This extension is only used to fill the gaphole that Niotron does not have the Component.FontTypeface blocks.

yeah you are right. but niotron doesnot support normal ttf in blod font.