[Free]DjMorse extension

This extension lets you code a text message to morsecode and vice versa.
You can send your message also as sound or flashlight sequences.
You can vary the speed of the sequence.
You can adjust the tone frequence. in Hertz (e.g. 440 )
The aia contains a working morse app providing all functions. You can also morse manually.
Have fun!

com.django.djMorse.aix (23.2 KB)
DjMorse.aia (63.1 KB)


Nice, but how do you use this button and come back after clicking on it?


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Nice work :+1: @Django_s_Android_App

That’s really nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use the back press button​:wink:.
Thank you all for your nice feedback!

Ok, but please answer the first question:


After pressing on btn_manual (Morse):

Android 9 and 11 (Companion).

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Maybe permission Problem . This Extension needs Camera permission.

This should be granted by default with Companion.

From my latest testing I can say that this aia works for me without problems on Android 7.
Maybe someonelse got problems here on different android versions. Hoping for some feedback here.

I am not able to edit my post so here is a new one:
I read alittle and found a quick answer: I am using the old Camera class (for th flashlight) which is deprecated. I will have to move here to a more modern library. these days.
So : Please wait for the Update. You can still use the other functions.
I won’t need to rename something in the blocks.
So I think I come up here with a highspeed fix. I moved to camera2 class and it still runs fine on my android7 and hopefully on later versions too.
Updated first post.

It would be nice if I could get some feedback from the community if the extension and the aia now work on later versions than android 7. So I could close this project for myself.