[FREE] AccessibilityTool - Perform Back, Home and Recents

My Special Extension - AccessibilityTool Extension

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The extension is for performing Back, Recent and Home.

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blocks - 2020-11-28T132839.972

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aryan.gupta.BackButton.aix (10.2 KB)

Hope you all like my Extension.

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Nice extension @Thunder_Apps
It will be really interesting to use your extension in our apps


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thanks @Shameek_Biswas

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Oh ho ho ho I was looking for this to make a app like ios assistive touch


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Is it compulsory :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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the extension link as it is not working

@Thunder_Apps do make sure that the extension links are working, we will wait for sometime for you to revert else we will have to unlist your post since they don’t contain the extension itself


sorry, i have updated the link

aryan.gupta.BackButton.aix (11.7 KB)

no broo, just for fun. sorry if you feels unhappy

my trust level is 0 that’s why i am unable to PM you