Firebase Auth Not Initialized after this Update

Due to this Update Some bugs appears. Firebase Auth not initialized in google sign in.


RIGHT after update firebase auth not initialized

App crash when using firebase core and without firebase core it works perfect don’t know why but it’s happening after SDK 31 update…

why firebase auth not working?
sms not receving

I Joined Niotron Just 2days ago. Before this Update everything was good.
Now Niotron is behaving like Kodular.


We are looking into this issue.

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Please fix fast​:pleading_face: I need to update my app urgently

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If you can then please fix the side menu for some reason it’s lagging.

Can you give logs? Or maybe the app which is crashing.

When it will be working?:pleading_face:


Me to my apps was working perfect before this update, but this update firebase authentication google sign in not working


Is there any way to revert back? @NiotronStaff


On what Android Version it’s not working ?

Firebase auth not working new update not working what happened please solve this problem

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This is urgent, update today…

Hi Krish, I am also facing the same error, this is an error that is occurring due to the update, I could fix it as soon as possible…

I am also facing the same error, this is an error that is occurring due to the update…

when Firebase Auth tries to check if the user is logged in it shows this error


We need this update urgently, our apps using firebase auth login are having problems

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Hello, I need to update my app in Google Play Store, but I won’t be able to do that without this error being fixed, please help us…

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We’re working on this issue, a patch will be released within 12 hours, thank you for your patience.