Firebase analytics how to use

How to use firebase analytics blocks in niotron??

It’s too simple :grinning: create project in firebase ( same package name ) upload JSON file in niotron and now use firebase 2 component ( vnha likha h ) try this

If possible show some screenshot for example

Yes you no need block even don’t set any block :grinning:only drag firebase analytics and that’s it .(not advance ) :point_left:Make sure Google json file is correct

And firebase comp. Somthing component also

How to create Google JSON file?

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Error show


Add firebase core too, error explains that

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Add firebase corre then it’s work fine

Anyone have firebase analytics AIA file so please share file
Please give example file aia team nitron

Uploaded JSON file.
Firebase core component added still it’s not working

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Enable the property, ‘Use Json File’

Still it’s not working.

Analytics takes upto 24 hours to display stats
: )

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if my app have 4 screen then do i have to drag both the component (firebase analytics and core) in all the screen
please tell me sir?
also tell me what is the full form of CPO :wink:


Chief Product Officer