Firebase analytics Bug : [Serious Issue]

Hello Niotron Team, Niotron default Firebase analytics does not work any way after update. I am report same in previous still this bug present.

Note: After that i make a decision to create a personal extenuation for achieve Firebase analytics but i am failed due to there is not gradle google service plugin Same plugin i try to use other aia Distributer it’s work perfectly, When use at niotron not work.

As of me if you push any update before update please check everything at last important core function is work or not!
Now Please Fix Firebase analytics Issue or implement gradle google service plugin.

If you are a user & If you use Firebase analytics Please replay your Firebase analytics work or not ?

Thank You.

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Dear Niotron Teams,
please fixed Firebase analytics bug

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@NiotronStaff Just collect bug but they can’t solve any bug.

@Bapon its not easy to find and fix the bugs and can you share some screen recording of the error that will really help us to find and fix the bug

@Jinx i wish you know very well how to implement firebase analytics. If yes then you know not need any screen recording or aia just drag firebase analytics and core components that’s it

I report multiple time nothing can did from niotron team

Please fixed it…its 3 month to not fixed this bug