File component and EFile extension - storage permissions - Shared folder - Android 11+

I had a (internal) discussion on the AI2 forum with some Power Users about the File component and the EFile extension (from @Sunny_Gupta) regarding storage permissions. Here is a small test app that shows the problems. The same issues exist on Niotron.

Here is the test app (build with Niotron). It’s a simple app that save a text file in the Shared folder /Download and read it (this should work without storage permissions):
File_EFile_test_Nio.apk (4.6 MB)

I think everyone is interested in this, so I’m opening a new topic here for it.

Install the test app and do not grant storage permission when testing on Android 11+.
(Test order: Button 1, 2, 3).

  1. When clicking on Button1 everything should work (as it should, i.e. without permissions) on Android 11+.

  2. On Android 11+ you will be asked to grant storage permission after clicking Button2 and Button3. If you deny permission on Button2 you get the same result as if you had granted permission.

  3. When clicking on Button3, the well-known “Error 908: ...” (bug) appears if permission was denied.

Maybe the Niotron team can fix this problem (bug) with the File component (on Android 11+).