Features Requests For Next Update

Hello @NiotronStaff Please Add/Update these things in next update because it affects our projects too much-

:red_circle: Update the latest SDK’s of Pollfish.

:red_circle: also Update the latest SDK’s of Admob.

:red_circle: Add More Ads Network for Facebook Bidding.

:red_circle:Add a option for hide/unhide to navigation bar of phone(Currently only change color block available for that)

:red_circle: Add Admob Native & Admob Reward Intestitial Ads Component

image . image . image . image . image . image


Also need " Image Editor " Component.

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webview load html component is not working, app automatically shuts down.
requesting to fixed the issue

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alternatively you can use custom webview extension

I am already using custom webview extension but unfortunately
it does not load html code on webview

if i had an working alternative of webview then i wouldn’t be complaining.

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And also fix the inapp update component and network component.

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one signal component is not fetching correct player id on used id block

I just tried it, working as expected.

Is the update comming in July or at the end of july??

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sorry my bad
Did niotron has splash image component?
I need webview html component and
message console,log component fixed.
How long i have to wait for next update
please give me date?

Admob Native ads If possible… or any other ads network that have Native ads.

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I have one extension which load html.

i need to load html means including (css + js) (console.log + webviewstring)
do you have one?

Don’t have console log but except that all thing available

Dear staff please add adclony ads and app next ads .

Thank you

Please add “Hide Video Controls” In YouTube Component

add select and copy text feature cant copy a single text on screen properties

show me your extention

Ad Applovin For Fb Bidding
And Adcolony
Unity Ads