Facebook sdk

Can we have the facebook sdk updated on builder. The Beta seem to have so many bugs. Cant really use it. But, it has the latest facebook sdk. Can we have that promoted to the builder.

@Tmohank Beta is not intended for production apps. To create production apps, we recommend that you use the main builder.

Latest version available: 6.16 Facebook
But we are using 6.14 SDK

I don’t think that will cause very much problem!

Every 1 is faceing the same issue … what can be the issue . . Every year the same issue. . Every year we complain the issue. . Itz not the first time…

Niotron team is working on resolving the recurring issue. While I don’t have specific information on when the fixes will be implemented, rest assured they are actively working on it. We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this time.

It’s 4 to 5 months just to update sdk … Nice work … still not solve… no update is share with Niotron user…

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@iaditya_nanda yeah, I know it is not usable at all, when will the face sdk be updated in builder? There seems to be no clarity on this.

@Tmohank The beta version is already updated and needs testing if the beta update is stable then i will be pushed to the main server. You can also contribute by testing and in this way the update can be pushed sooner.


Beta does not work as I get following deadlock. Cannot test it

Cancel button doesnot work

@Tmohank in this situation you can only reload the website

after reloading the page. the issue just repeats.

Even after so many days. Issue is not resolved. How do we even test if the basic issue is not resolved.

@Tmohank Can you please share a screen recording like how you are getting this problem again and again, there must be a pattern that you are following due to which this is coming again and again

There is not much to do when you are testing with companion.

Steps after opening a project or creating a new project

  1. Click on test menu,
  2. then, Click on companion menu.
  3. scan the qr code using the companion

The dead lock occurs which you cant come out of, unless you refresh the page.

What do you want me to record here?

@Tmohank Thanks, we will see this and if the error exists then it will be resloved soon

@Tmohank Do you have the right version of Companion? If you use the beta server you need to use the beta version of Companion, otherwise you will get that error.

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