Facebook native ads does not open when clicking

I added fb native ads in my app ads are showing fine but i saw there is a problem when i tried to clicking on ads they does not open only ads with playstore apps opened in playstore otherwise there is no response when i click any part of ads. But in companion ads were working fine.

Please attach your block and if possible then attach screen recording of your issue

Sorry… only test ads were working… when i installed app via playstore with real ads they did not worked.

Actually the problem is all because of old Sdk
It showed me this error message on native ad

It will be updated soon


Thanks… that will be great. btw native ad, beautify component & some other components are awesome which i think make Niotron different from others. But some other problems also needs to be solved… like in webviewer when Webview progress changed block is not working which needs to be solved as soon as possible.

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Use custom webview

Custom Webviewer is a good option but that supports 5.1+ android versions only

After update problem is still there when i click on any part of ad it does nothing otherwise it should open ads url in facebooks webview.
Even when i click on why am i seeing this? it shows nothing…

@Souvik pease solve this issue ASAP

Yes Facebook native ads Doesn’t work, It’s showing but ads click not working? Niotron fix it