Facebook Bidding Not Working.

Please check facebook bidding not working, due to SDK Update in Adepter. IronSource ads showing but Facebook ads not getting request.

Same issue, please help us!

is i lt working now?

It should work in the beta server, you can give it a test and let us know.


not receiving ads req in beta

Ads not showing, beta version tested. Ads request not received.

Any error message?

no nothing just not getting ad requests pls check whats the issue

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No, Issue found in blocks part I’m also test it with AdMob and IronSource by using there mediation services. AdMob and IronSource ads showing perfectly but Facebook ads not getting any ads request and ads don’t show.

Note: I try both, try to test ads by adding test device on facebook and admob and also try to load live facebook ads. Facebook ads not showing or not getting any request from my app.

The Image above show the issue form Facebook Audience Network.

The Image above show the issue form Facebook Audience Network.

The Image above show that my successfully approved in Facebook.

The Image above show that no request received in last 24 hours.

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yes i also tried Facebook bidding with applovin and everything working fine but ironsource is the prblm

We updated the ironsource adapter sdk, will look into the issue once we fix the existing bugs.

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yes sir pls look into this issue asap cuz my update is pending

Please sir, fix this issue we are waiting for implement the Facebook ads into our app. We don’t update our app yet. After fix Facebook ads issue we can update our app. Please it’s a big request from niotron community user, Fix the Facebook ads Issue soon.

true pls its a request make it working asap…

Is this Facebook ads issues fixed on beta?

hello bro is it working now? you find any solution?

Not yet. I’m still waiting.

bro do you knw any other mediation platform other than app lovin or Ironsource

bro any solution?

I have a solution brother, PM me…