Facebook bidding not working, only waterfall ads coming

Hi all, I am getting ads from only waterfall but not from bidding, I have done setup for multiple mediation platforms under it but none showing any ad through it.
Anybody here using facebook bidding or its not working for all.

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@Winter Can you show your blocks?

Yes not working bidding and not receiving any bid request pls fix this issue…

i also have same problem, i use ironsource bidding with facebook and use facebook componant in niotron, but only banner ads are showing which is not from bidding.

Have you all added the Facebook Ads Adapter?

yes ,

but i used facebook componant in app

is your app available on playstore?

yes and also approved from both facebook and ironsource

I did not used adapter, can you give snap of blocks how to use it. or blocks are not required?

The bidding ads won’t appear without an adapter.

I have added adapter on main screen still not requests are generating under bidding. Its been 6 days from update.

working fine dear

have you done anything special?

@MD_SB what’s the report now? Mean, bidding is good then Waterfall?

Bidding Is Working Fine with FB and MAX. nothing do anything Special.

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