Facebook and admod ECPM very low, Is your Ads CPM also low?

My facebook and admob ECPM very low from last 2 or 3 month. Dont know why may be because Indian currency become low. ??

my match rate is low.

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V with bidding also? Maybe try searching Google for the reason of low rates

Need to Update Facebook Adepter SDK to Latest Version, for this Match Rate is Low.

Because your application id not in your app metadata manifest file i have same issue

This can be a resion because i am using Facebook Adapter,

but one solution is avaible to add app id in manifest file via niotron ide

who told you that, did facebook told u that ? where did you get this info ??

i am tolking about admob

Admob ad Id you can use it or add it . But can say about Facebook.
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 14-28-19 Niotron

i have problem on it because app id not saving in menifest.xml file

Facebook issue can be this 1…
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 14-31-57 Monetisation Manager - MJ tec - SDK

In my latest update app, i found 6.14 but latest is 6.16