[F/OS]Hijri date for Muslim [Beta]


this is sample extensione to get Hijri date

Picture of all the blocks

Instructions to use your extension

  • year Kind:integer Write the year in Gregorian date
  • month Kind:integer Write the month in Gregorian date
  • day Kind:integer Write the day in Gregorian date

Download link :

com.mh.islamic.history.islamichistory.aix (666.3 KB)

This extension is Open source :


@MahmoudHooda Update block images you are using kodular blocks

Extension not available for download

You can download it from here : Hijri-date-java-extension-MIT-App-Inventor/islamic-history/out at main · MahmoudHooda2019/Hijri-date-java-extension-MIT-App-Inventor · GitHub