External Backup Method

In my latest app, I’ve implemented a method to backup the TinyDB content to the cloud. However, some users don’t feel safe using this type of method.

For this reason, I’ve been thinking about implementing an external backup method where users could share the file, generated in the TinyDB backup, to Telegram or WhatsApp for example, and when they needed to restore it, they could share the file back to the app.

By any chance is there a way to make the app receive shared files so I can make it work?

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Save All tiny DB data in A Txt file then user can store in there cloud

I’ve already done that.

Now I’m trying to find a way to do it externally, using the sharing feature. Users can share the txt file, I just can’t imagine how they can share it back to the app.

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Why ?

Read the file and Overwrite your tinydb

If something goes wrong on cloud side, all data can be lost. However, if it’s external, users would control the backup.

The current method does it.



Did something go wrong on the cloud side? …well… it’s something very rare… but, anyway… what would be more “safe” ?

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I thought, there would be an extension that would make the app be listed with the others when sharing a file, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Email are listed.

In my current app, I use an extension that makes a backup of the TinyDB and then I send the generated txt to the cloud. When users want to restore, the app downloads this file and overwrites the TinyDB with the backup.

Actually, no.

In my opinion, having the option where the users could manage the backup file externally, through sharing, would be safer.

After searching in community with different “words and titles”. I could find something that describes what I mean with my post.

Could this topic be changed to Feature Request, or should I open another one requesting it?

Thanks in advance!

Sharing it with WhatsApp would be safer?
That would be new to me. :wink:


You’re right, these weren’t the best examples of security to use. :grimacing:

Suggestion: I think you should explain to yours users about cloud security.

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