Extension verification is considered monetization

hello everyone, I’m having a problem with niotron detecting my extension is an ad extension even though it’s not true because the extension is only for verification of the neumorphic design, I know the niotron community is not as busy as the codular community but this is something new hope niotron developers see this post


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Could you DM me the extension so that it can be verified before we fix it as a false positive?


yes, i can send you extension

The extension is detected in association with ad extensions meant to bypass our Monetization subscription. As a result the extension is blacklisted as well.

So, what should I do

Contact the Extension devloper he solve your problem

I already contacted the developer before creating this topic and did not provide a solution

Remove this extension on your project

if the extension is removed then my design will not work and will force close the application

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I really regret that this is not resolved or not assisted by the niotron developer, do i have to move to kodular?

Search On “Dribble” many design available Create your app design

I appreciate your response to this topic, but I understand very well with design, this is an extension for neumorphic design, so I say, without this extension the application cannot run as designed

This is a really funny thing to say. As if you would get any decent support there or if you could use banned extensions in free mode…

I closed the topic because, the problem is not resolved, bad community

Sorry we can’t do anything about it. We have solid proof that the extension in question is used to bypass monetization.