Export to .aix problem

Hello, I wrote an extention code then I clicked the “Compile Extension” button but this button didn’t export my code to .aix, it only saves my project. Is anyone can help me for this problem ?

If it doesn’t works, it means your code has an error

Are you getting this kind of notification


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Hi Abhinav,

I am having the same issue as Gorunmez stated above.

I click try to compile a code copied from youtube channel from
Krishna Raghavendran and when click on Compile Extension button, it shows a ‘Project Saved’ message.
The same as when you click the Save button.

Follows a screenshot.

It does not look like can error code.
Could you help us on that?

Thanks and regards,

No issues here.

This can be due cache files, just try after refreshing the browser or clearing the cache files of the browser