Export error

Describe the bug in detail…

@bot_team_999 Please share logs of the error

Screenshot 2024-01-10 140445

Screenshot 2024-01-10 140445
Whats the problem

@bot_team_999 it seems there is an error with an extension you are using or app assets please share screenshot of the extensions you are using?

I experienced the same thing

@Abmut Please tell what extensions you are using and assets in the app

I don’t have any extensions and don’t have any assets, but still can’t export the apk

Please set the package name and then export it !

@Abmut Try this :

and if the problem is still there please share your aia file

-I tried refreshing the browser and clearing the cache.
-log out and log in again
-I even tried starting a new project, and this problem never changed

@Abmut Please share your aia file

BottomNavigation.aia (3.4 KB)

@Abmut Did you select the pre-defined project from here?

For me, the aia exported perfectly without any errors. You can try re-importing the aia file and then exporting the app.

I have tried various methods, starting from trying in two browsers (Mozilla & Google Chrome).
create a new project with the default block and without any additional extensions. nothing was successfully built into the apk, everything crashed. I don’t know if my account is the problem, considering I just registered on Niotron a few days ago.

@Abmut Try making a new account and try exporting in that

I’ve tried with a new account, but the problem remains the same, can’t build the project to apk. don’t know what to do anymore :pensive:

@abhijith Please see this

Does your new account also has a username starting with a number?

Yes, right