Exit app didn't work on close screen

Hello :heart_eyes:,

Here I found a new error. I was used 4-5 screen to make an app. In that screen, where I used close screen on back pressed - It’s worked. But In some screens, I used go to another screen components. There the screen was return when I want to exit app.

You can clearly watch this video. where app was closed, There i used close screen component. And where it doesn’t worked, i used go to another screen.

I also found some new errors/bugs:

  1. When I open Niotron Builder Site, My App’s Components not working and also not showing in proper way.

  2. Builder site goes slow and stuck when I working on it. This is happened continuously.

  3. Menu item Doesn’t showing in app when i use menu Component and added items in it.

  4. Activity Starter Not working in app

Watch Video from here:

Here I’m providing Images by which you can compare with each other:

Switch screens correctly:


Check the block description, it is supposed to be call on Menu Initialize event.