Error While Opening Project

When I Open Any Project Browser Will Show Error In This Site Close This Site.

Please share any screenshots of the error.


I am opening the project from last 2 hours but the project is not opening.

can you share the aia?

Bro I buyed aia from @PixelEditor and I want ask first from them

@M_r_A_r_p_i_t No problem then is this aia for niotron only?
or other platform

If this is happening only in a specific project then the aia is corrupted or wasn’t made to work in Niotron
One other possibility, your hardware is not the best and the aia is too heavy so it will take forever to load.

When I created a new project everything is fine when I worked on project , project is started laging.

This Aia is only for niotron builder and take much time to open

That is probably because of the second possibility that I mentioned. As you can’t share the aia it becomes impossible to help you. Try to contact the person who sold the aia to you to see if he can help somehow.

@M_r_A_r_p_i_t I believe the AIA is taking a long time to load due to insufficient ram, hardware, or a slow internet connection.

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Aia Is completely build on niotron, and i itself imported it, but in my pc its not lagging… if even this lagging on firefox then for trial open it on another computer.

@PixelEditor What is your pc specifications?

Processor : Intel Pentium dual Cpu 2 Ghz

Ram : 2gb

Window 7

Will it work when I increase the RAM more 2gb?

Windows 7 old version update windows 8.1 64bit + 4 gb Ram to work better

Ohk Boss :+1:

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Woah I have 16GBs of Ram
Windows 11

My computer has 8GB RAM and a i5 3GHz and some projects take a long time to load or fail depending on the project. The ideal would 16gb at least I guess I can’t even imagine myself using a computer with only 2gb of ram. It your computer allow it, I recommend you to use 8gb of ram. See how many slots it has and make the best upgrade possible. With 4gb it will be better but will not be good enough

Her Processor is : Intel Pentium dual core Cpu 2 Ghz
Only 4gb ram support this Processor ok
:stop_sign:8Gb Ram Not Support :stop_sign: