Error While Open Niotron

Each Time when I open niotron in Google Chrome, I Face Issue. Page Automatically Reloading Continuesly.
Here I Attach Video for Proof.
Its Work Fine in Firefox. Other Sites are also work fine in Chrome except Niotron.
Pls Watch Video for Better Understand

Read this :point_down:. Same problem with you

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Please log out first and then login again


Please login :heavy_check_mark: from this link and if you are already logged in there:envelope_with_arrow:|| then log out first and then login again ©


My Niotron

Why is your post in Yellow color?

Staff post


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I have seen it but your other posts don’t look so?
For example this one itself (which I am now replying)

This is because he is presenting the side of staff, and we Mod’s have power to add this kind of staff color to any post, topic


Sometimes I had to clear the history first to be able to log back in.

Today the same thing happened with me too, to solve i went to and then logged out from there first and then i was able to login to builder

The system had already automatically logged me out overnight. So when I try to log in again, I get into the endless loop. Sometimes this cannot be remedied by reloading the browser or something else, but only by deleting the chronicle (cache & history).

Yes that way can be implemented too, to stop this kind of behaviour

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