Error: Out Of Memory

After some time like 10-15 minutes i’m getting error out of memory…
but the worst situation is after opening niotron builder 1-5 minutes work are saved and all other work is vanishing…after error out of memory .
Please help me…i’m facing it time after time…
I tried save project after 1-2 minutes …but its not working…

Hello @Morsalin_Hosan ,
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Can you try this after clearing cache of your browser and then try to open it in Firefox

I clear my Cache Eavery Day Before start work

Can you please tell us the specifications of your browser

I have changed the category to discuss until unless i myself confirm that it’s a bug

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I’m using brave browser for niotron builder…
it’s faster than firefox and chrome in loading…
and i have search niotron community few times and i got this

  1. there are many who got Error: out of memory issue. (Its not our pc or laptop problem bcs there was many who have high configuration pc or laptop)

  2. And this Project not saving issues in only design screen not in block section (every thing saving on block section but not in design).

sorry for any misspelling

This is the matter actually, see different panel open at different commands, different systems in different way etc.
And yes at this time maybe browser can create the issue, and yes Firefox is best and easily workable browser for Niotron as other browsers cause issue many times, once try on Firefox and then tell us your results

I tried once firefox but it was so slow…i lost 200$ project for this issues :cry: