Error in Package name

I Face this Error more than 8 Times.
When I Create new project, I set package name and after some days, I found that I already have an app with same package name, so I change it to com.myappname.latest

But Everytime when I export app, Package name automatically change to old package name.
Google-service.Json file has also new package name but still it change everytime when I build app

pls solve it or give me suggestion if i was wrong anywhere

Can you show exactly which package name are you setting? And also the old package name.

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Old Was com.gametourapp.apps
New is com.gametourapp.latest

How many projects do you have in Niotron with com.gametourapp.apps?

Only 1 Project.
As I Metioned in main Post that I Already Have project with same name but that project i created in Android studio, not in Niotron

Does it show any error while setting package name?

Ok, I solved my problem with this method:-

Firstly change your old package name like - com.gametourapp.ap and save your project then refresh the page. after that open again your project then set your package name to com.gametourapp.latest.

I don’t know it will work or not but I was two projects in Niotron with the same package name and I was solved my problem with above method. You can try one time…

No, Its save normally. I Save it now. Its ok now but when I try to export after 1 or 2 days then it will change. I thought that I was forgot but I Face this issue so many times.

How can it change automatically ?

How should I Know???
Each Time When I Have to Build App, I Must have to change Package name from old to new.
Its the Mystery, Thats y i post here.

Check the Manifests (before and after changing packageName) by decompiling the APKs.
I checked it:

Will you pls tell me process of decompile app ???

I have also face this problem

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