Error 908 Write Permission

With this Update error 908 write permission also comes.
How to solve this?

Could you explain what you’re trying to do?

I am trying with ask permission for write and read.
yesterday there was no any error with permission blocks but after This update this error occurs today.

Why and how exactly? Which component (e.g. File, Canvas, …) should request these permissions and on which Android version(s)?

Post a small test aia that reproduces the problem.

Test.aia (5.6 KB)

Android version 12 causing this

Try this:

  • Decompile the APK
  • remove the yellow marked part from the Manifest
  • recompile the APK
  • uninstall the previous app and install the new one (APK) …

It seems there is the same bug with Niotron as with AI2 on Android 11+.

It should happen on Android 11 as well.

May i know why you are asking for the write permission in this case?

I am trying this in Screen 1 because in next screens i will pickup photos to show in app so this can cause error there.

So we need to see the blocks on this (“next”) screen (where the error occurs).
And we also must know, where the photos come from. Are they created by the app itself?
So show all relevant blocks.