Earning app?

Can i create and publish an earning app with app download offerwall and survey offerwall on play store?

In am confused bcoz @iaditya_nanda says “google will terminate the account” and @MakeMoneyOnline says "they won’t if created with right policy

(Can any body guide me, how can I create app install earning app!)

How should i publish the app so that my account doesn’t get terminated?


Neither we nor Google supports the concept of earning apps. If you publish it anyway it will get your app and account (in some cases) terminated.

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stay away from it bro. you will be in trouble. you will face challenges in future as well.


Thanks, but i can’t understand how are thousands of earning apps available on play store and not getting terminated?

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the thing is once you become suspicious google tracks you. if they terminate your admob account, your new account will get auto terminated only thing is you need new machine.
However if you see any app is very old then you can study it and develop similarly

Thousands of accounts terminated that you don’t know. We are suggesting to do not create earning app. Now as your wish.

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Thank you all for useful suggestions.

You are all very wrong. The earning apps are allowed in Google Play and there is a policy for them, but if you don’t
know what you are doing, don’t start doing it. If you do a quick Google Play Search, you can find dozens of apps
that give real life rewards, such as PayPal Cards and Gift Cards, and these apps are having millions of installs and been active
for years.

I’ll explain in short how to have a successful earning app.

  1. First you need to create earning app with beautiful UI, Design and key features, transaction page and there should be
    full documentation about how the app works, how much rewards/money it can give…etc. It’s security should be on high level

  2. The app should have great app Logo, Screenshots, Trailer, huge ASO. Avoid wrong spelling. Think of a unique app name, that is
    not used by other apps, like “Make Money Online”
    You need proper Privacy Policy, Terms of Conditions. Set up unique rules.
    This will be for your advantage, when Google reviews your app. They are looking how you represent your app in Google Play.
    Make it look like a professional app, and by this I really mean it. This is very important. Your app should look and rival other similar

  3. Don’t make it all about earning money. Earning apps are not about only earning money for yourself… don’t make it full
    of annying ads only… Introduce
    non-earning features, like educational games, quizzies, think of in-game rewards…etc, be creative. Offer good app maintenance

  4. After it’s done, show Google that you really care about your earning app. Reply to as many reviews as possible, help users
    solve their issues, track and fix crashes & anrs, fill all questionnaires in Playstore for the app. Keep on releasing new updates
    with new features. Create official website for the app…


  • After working for earning apps for years, I can say this - Do not rely on Ads!
    Forget about Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Appodeal…etc You will never be able to earn anything, and your ads
    account will be suspended if you try, regardless if they initially approved you. ADS Networks are not meant for earning apps,
    maybe except UnityAds. They will give you a chance, but still revenue from UnityAds will always be low.

Add Offerwalls and Surveys, like

  • AdGate, Tapjoy, Offertoro, Adscend, Monlix, ayeT-Studios, Adgem, Fyber, IronSource, CPX Research, Wannads, Bitlabs, inBrain,
    Tap Research, Pollfish, CPAlead, Theoremreach and many more
    Yes it’s possible in a Niotron App. SDK is not the only integration option that they support. Make your research.

And again, always pay your users. Keep your promise, and never get greedy overtime


Thanks, will i earn through surveys and offerwalls?

If you make proper integration and bring legit traffic, you will.

Thank you for your support.

there are a lot of app ideas without this earning app stuffs find one and create, don’t do stuffs that will put your google account in danger or jeopardy, please listen to advice and believe that if they get to you, you will go through a lot of stress trying to come out of it

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Still I want to add up, if you are going down this road, just because earning apps are indeed allowed by Google Play, this doesn’t mean everything is guaranteed to be alright, regardless if you do every step, described above, correctly.

If I had the chance to revert 2 years ago with everything I know about earning apps right now, I would probably not start an earning app business, not only because of the potential risk it holds by Google… once you amass huge userbase, there are constant threats, negativity, players are expecting their money, constant game of cat and mouse to catch the cheaters. They are doing their best to violate offerwall rules, by using VPN/Proxy, buying new devices, using residential IPs and similar to cheat. The Offerwalls keep you responsible for your own traffic, and if you bring fake traffic, bots, your account may and will get terminated. If you run out of money and have many pending requests for paying rewards to users, you can consider this as a very bad sign.

So in no way I recommend anyone to start dealing with earning apps, but making a business with one is definitely possible

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Define “earning apps” (for Android).

Is there an overview of this? If so, post this. If not, create such an overview (flow chart, like I did in my guide “Some basics on Android storage”, here).

Of course it is a lot of work to create such an overview (no one knows that better than me). But it would be very helpful not only for me but for everyone. By the way, I’ve never made an app that contains ads and I never will. But I would still like to know what options there are in principle that are also permitted in the Play Store.

Note: All my (Android & iOS) apps in the Play Store or App Store (Apple) are paid apps.

that’s terrifying :no_mouth:
do you have your app on play store?

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Yes, this type of application is allowed, but it has to fulfill several requirements that depend on each country for which the app will be available.