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Hello My app is about downloading some png files. firstly i used default downloder component in niotron…but nothing happens when clicking download button.

I tryed asd extension and its downloading fine without any problum, but i cant open the file using file manager…

Please Help me
Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

Can you show the blocks of niotron inbuilt downloader blocks , its 100% working

Its downloading but the problum is i cant see the downloaded files in file manager

If this work then mark it as solution

You need to provide file extension example niotronimg.png and file path example “/Download/” will store file in your download folder and if you want to show in your own folde then just use “/Download/YourAppName/”

Yes, on Android 11 devices you can no longer see the ASD on your device.
You need to connect it via USB to the computer or you have to use an extra file manager app, e.g. Total Commander.

Another possibility would be to move the files from the ASD to a shared folder (e.g. /Download or /Pictures). This should work without WRITE / READ permissions.

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I am making also same type of app
So I also face the same issue
I use custom webview for downloading images
And it store the download files in
Android/data/com.niotron.companion/download/folder name (mention in webview component)/yourimage.png

I use custom webview for download
I set downloaddir to Download
So it store in it

I put the path but don’t know where to put the block
Just help me a little bit more :pleading_face:
See the blocks