Download file without permission is normal?

I’m, using downloader component in my app, so my question is without read or write permission my app is able downloading files to download/ folder So, Is it normal or i have to add read and write permission in my app. If yes then please share blocks. It will help me. Thank you.

So if I added downloader component in my app then no need to ask for permission of storage? To download files

As I already said

is it correct?

Almost… except of

  1. it does not make sense to ask for permission and continue with some processing without having received permission. Therefore a better place to ask for permission is the screen initialized event

  2. there is no need to ask for read external storage permission anymore if you already have write external storage permission

  3. write external storage permission does not exist anymore for Android 11+


But i need to ask write permission for below android 11 devices right? am i right
At first screen initialization.


it will work on apk?

is there any way to see is permission granted or not with below andorid 11 devices

You should check and ask like this…

but using this blocks, if anyone already give permission then app will again and again ask for permission right?
or it just ask once?

are this blocks correct?

If permission is already given app will not ask again!

Your blocks seems fine too! Check yourself which works for you best.

ok thank you

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