Don't Care or Wild Cards or Like in Text

Hi awesome community,

My use case needs me to use the contains logic but in the text field, I want some flexibility like we have don’t care characters or *. Wild cards.


If my URL is -

where everything is constant except for the numbers.

I need a comparison string to check for the above URL.

Something like -∆-P∆

here ∆ is something of a don’t care or wild card or something.

Hope this is understandable. Thanks in advance.

I’m so sorry, I’m not able to understand this

P:S: - i tried to understand it by reading it more that 50 or 100 times and got the following result∆-P∆

You want to replicate this to

I’m not sure that you want this only, but please elaborate it more

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Hi @Horizon,

Thank you for responding.

I need condition for a if else block which can find that the current URL is like this -
and many more like that… Only numbers changing, rest remains same.

So what should I put in if else condition that evaluates all URLs like above to be treated as one thing.

Sorry but I’m still confused :slightly_frowning_face:

Will you please elaborate this part especially

Hi @Horizon,

Okay, I have a ecommerce website and products there have a unique URL like these -
and many more like that… Only numbers changing, rest remains same.

I need to put a filter on such pages so that I can show “Floating Action Button” only when WebView’s Current URL is equal to them and hide when URL is something else. My website is going to have hundreds of product so It is not possible to manually input all URLs. A blueprint of this URL is what I need in Niotron’s TEXT field format so that my logic can filter out such pages.

Hope it makes sense :confused:

This has been resolved using “contains all” and “make a list” block components -


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